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With the world facing new global challenges, Tbilisi Women`s International Conference: Leaders on Conflicts, Peace and Security gains even more importance.


If not now? Russia’s unprovoked war in Ukraine has forced the world to face a new reality and endure yet another senseless loss of life, humanitarian crisis, destruction, and economic turmoil. This new global reality, if unanswered, will risk yielding an insecure and unknown future.


If not in Georgia? Located at the historic crossroads of different civilizations, Georgia knows the conflict too well and the current tragedy reminisces many recent scars. Wounded by the ongoing illegal occupation, Georgia offers a unique perspective in conflict-related discussions aimed at addressing common challenges in these difficult times.


Else, if not women? Women, who have arguably been affected the most, offer an untapped resource in facing conflict and establishing long-desired peace. It is for women to take the leadership stance to show the unity of nations and the people worldwide, in addressing these challenging times.


If not through an innovative and open discussion? Traditional challenges have historically been met with traditional means, a response that has not been fruitful in bringing fundamental changes. With the sense of urgency being at its highest, there is no time to waste on scripted or rehearsed discussions. An open and innovative discussion is needed now!


Tbilisi Women’s International Conference is set to establish a novel space of discussion, without a traditional division between speakers and the audience by opening the floor to every woman. With a unified space for a direct dialogue, with every participant being able to attend every session, the conference will allow women from all backgrounds and experiences to share their knowledge and expertise and voice their visions.

To do so, in addition to the opening and closing segments featuring the keynote speakers, the conference offers nine successive discussion panels, encompassing the major challenges, whether they are the ones most talked about or neglected. Discussions led by moderators will unite women from across the fields kickstarting these much- needed conversations.


Exhibition Center – ExpoGeorgia

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118 Akaki Tsereteli Ave,

0119, Tbilisi