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Conflicts, Peace, Security, and the European Integration of Georgia were the Main Topics Discussed at the Second Annual Tbilisi Women’s International Conference


Today, at the initiative and patronage of H.E. Salome Zourabichvili, President of Georgia, the Tbilisi Women’s International Conference took place for the second time.

The conference included 9 thematic panels where conflicts, peace, security, and the European integration of Georgia were discussed.  

At the opening ceremony, President Zourabichvili addressed women delegates from different countries of the world with a welcome speech and noted that this year, the conference is devoted to Ukrainian women who represent the symbol of the Ukrainian struggle and are today again, after more than a year, and a half, under bombs.

Marija Pejčinović Burić, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, and Nicola Beer, Member of the European Parliament, Vice-President, visited Tbilisi at the personal invitation of the President of Georgia and participated in the high-level panel.

As the Secretary General of the Council of Europe stated, the Council of Europe is the cornerstone of democratic security which is important not only today and not only for member countries but in general, for all countries and of course, during the war.     

“First of all, let me first thank President Zourabichvili for this excellent event.

Needless to say, for dedicating this conference to Ukraine and Ukrainian women. They are not only on the front line but also at the center of attention, as they fight and do their part for obtaining peace for Ukraine.  

Last week I was in London and I had the pleasure to look into the original Treaty of London which is the statute of the Council of Europe. When introduced, it said that “we establish the Council of Peace (Council of Europe) with the hope and reason to have peace on the European continent.” And I was struck by the fact that we could say the same words today, that we need hope and reason, and women.  

If you look at pictures from that time, pictures of the establishment of the Council of Europe, they are all men. No single women. So, just to say, as a general theme, how far we have come with the lots of women in leadership positions. And we must continue working on that. The Council of Europe is democratic security, democratic security is important during peacetime, but even more important during wartime. The leadership of Ukraine, including men and women equally, is an example.     

Last year, in July, Ukraine ratified Istanbul Convention and this is to say that there is a great role for the Council of Europe to play for Ukraine, even during wartime”.  

Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Dr. Ouided Bouchamaoui and Dr. Ruth Mitchell participated in the second part of the high-level panel.

“To all young people, you represent the future. You represent the future for us and the future for you. So, remember that you are part of the solution and have a significant role to play. Also, be willing to accept challenges and fight for your rights,” – Dr. Ouided Bouchamaoui noted.

Dr. Ruth Mitchell underlined several different roles of women.

“The reality is that every woman has multiple roles she is called upon to play, and there is a juggling act that everyone must do. There are extra impositions and assumptions about the things that women are going to do and the roles that they are going to perform. I believe this is true in just about every culture for women. Therefore, learning to take this dance, finding the people to do it with, and being honest about the fact that you can't do it all at once is very important”.

Male dominance in industries was discussed during the “Caspian and Black Sea Connectivity – Energy and Transport Corridors” panel. Under-Secretary-General & Execrative Secretary of UNECE, Olga Algayerova stated that typically, industries like transport are male industries. “I have myself problem in my organization. Our transport and energy division are male-dominated. So, we need to employ and engage more women on the agenda of transport and energy industries because it is missing.”  

Atsuko Hirose, Deputy Secretary General of the Energy Charter Secretariat stated that “to systematically respond to the new challenges, it is recommended to process the concept of the development of the international transport corridor in detail as soon as possible. It is also advisable to establish a special working unit for the implementation of the concept and start the processes of the organization, foundation, development, and institutional management.”

The most pressing issues for women were discussed on various panels of the conference including war stories told by women, Caspian and Black Sea connectivity, the role of women in protecting cultural heritage in conflict areas, and the role of women in governance during conflict and post-conflict periods.



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